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divine_violet's Journal

Lovergirl933's Graphics/Fan Fiction Journal
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A posting community for Lovergirl933 to post her graphics and fan fictions.
♦ About Me ♦ ♣ Main Rules ♣ ♥ FanFic Rules ♥ ♠ No Stealing! ♠ ♦ Helpful Places ♦
Welcome to divine_violet, the new graphics/fan fiction community of Angie aka lovergirl933!


My affiliates are:


I'm always looking for more affiliates! Comment in this post to become one!


Credit for the resources I use in my graphics (including brushes, gradients, textures and tutorials) can be found here.


For all the awards my graphics have earned, check out this post.

1. No hotlinking or direct linking please. It's rude and it eats up my bandwidth.

2. Comment if you take anything. I'm a sucker for comments, so feel free to leave me a message even if you don't take anything.

3. PLEASE credit me for anything you take. If you use icons, credit me in the keywords or comments. If you don't know how to credit, just ask and I'll be glad to show you.

4. Please don't claim my graphics as your own work. It takes me a long time to make some of them and it's rude if you say that you made them.

5. Enjoy my graphics and feel free to request anything in my graphics request post here. :)
1. Please do not plagiarize or steal my stories and claim them as your own. My stories are a piece of me, so please don't take them and repost them without my consent.

2. Only my newer fan fictions are posted here. For my other prior works in different fandoms, please check out my FF.net page here.

3. If you'd like to request fan fiction from me, feel free to comment on my fan fiction request post here.
This journal values the creative energy and time that graphic-makers and writers pour into their graphics/stories and share freely with us, other fans. Because of this, plagiarism/stealing will not be tolerated.

Please go to the info page of stop_plagiarism for a definition of plagiarism. If I receive a report of plagiarism or stealing, it will be investigated and if verified, the plagiarist/stealer will be reported to stop_plagiarism and the poster will be banned from this journal.

I also encourage all of my members to support the creative labor of their favorite graphic-makers and other artists/writers by joining stop_plagiarism.

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